Fair working conditions

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The project addresses the growing issue of precarious work across Europe, examining it from different perspectives policies, politics, research, and, most importantly, social actors representing workers and structuring it along 4 types of actions :

Awareness raising

Expertise & capacity building

Representation of workers before national and European instances

Advocacy at the EU & national levels


The project consists of a series of opening/ closing events and an online platform for communication and training for CESI trade union members and EU workers in general to gain knowledge, express concerns, raise issues, and reflect on possible synergies to address together challenges related to precarious forms of work contracts in the EU.

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Welcoming #EUGlobalHealthStrategy 🇪🇺 10year agenda on🌍 #global health action in era of pandemics!
🎯 health-related targets 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
🤌 “health-in-all-policies” approach with focus on #digitalisation #skilled labour force
⬇️better global health security https://t.co/MKM1Cqs3yf

📢Looking forward to today's adoption of the 🇪🇺EU #health package: A European global health strategy & the state of preparedness report and how the angle for the ageing, shrinking #healthcare👩‍⚕️🧑‍⚕️ #workforce was factored in as the lifeline of our societies 🥼😷🩸 https://t.co/D1TaU65PI8 CESIpress photo

👏Welcomes @EU_Commission initiative to recommend to 🇪🇺EU countries to recognise COVID-19 as an occupational disease https://t.co/ojoeSwR4js More efforts need to be made for member states to act on the #pandemic realities&recognize them accordingly for better #working conditions!

Kanzler @OlafScholz würdigt Personal des #öffentlichen #Diensts: "Staat machen Sie. Und das sehr gut."
@CESIpress & @dbb_news für starke öffentliche Dienste in Europa. #dbbgwt22 https://t.co/rd1rgd7P5J
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The European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions @CESIpress congratulates @USilberbach for his re-election as President of the 🇩🇪Civil Service Federation @dbb_news.

CESI SG Klaus Heeger: We look forward to continuing our great collaboration 👏 https://t.co/sqwKkb68Ii
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Proud and thankful to be able to participate in today’s very impressive @dbb_news Congress. And proud to have the privilege to represent this important organisation at EU level🇪🇺.
Klaus Heeger, Romain Wolff and Urs Stauffer at #dbbgwt22 🇩🇪 https://t.co/uCJk5UwqqT
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There are no upcoming events at this time.

This project is mainly financed by funds from the European Union


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