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The project addresses the growing issue of precarious work across Europe, examining it from different perspectives policies, politics, research, and, most importantly, social actors representing workers and structuring it along 4 types of actions :

Awareness raising

Expertise & capacity building

Representation of workers before national and European instances

Advocacy at the EU & national levels


The project consists of a series of opening/ closing events and an online platform for communication and training for CESI trade union members and EU workers in general to gain knowledge, express concerns, raise issues, and reflect on possible synergies to address together challenges related to precarious forms of work contracts in the EU.

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. @CESIYouth we look forward to the apprenticeships webinar April 21st 💻🔜🙌! https://t.co/vEv9h7Zjcn
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See how Inter-company Training Centres and Centres of Vocational Excellence can support SMEs. 💡

👉 The European Alliance for Apprenticeships Webinar will take place on 21 April at 10am (CEST)🕙

Sign up ➡ https://t.co/cQmm75hOPq #ApprenEU https://t.co/qGgQNDzOcK

The @EU_Commission launched a first-stage consultation on the working conditions for platforms workers.
The precarious nature of #PlatformWork mandates effective measures for the adequate protection of the involved persons!

✍️Read our full position here:
https://t.co/hu58wlS545 https://t.co/qWfm1DXOkd
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Spain experiences a dramatic rise in the use of atypical work contracts especially in the health sector. This trend needs to stop! #noprecariouswork Since 2014 9/ 10 new contracts in public administration are atypical.
@Sindicato_SATSE @ManuelCascos
https://t.co/TPELDqsJFV https://t.co/8ASA6NPwdP

#CESIInsides im Gespräch mit @StefanNowatsch2, zu den Herausforderungen von Schulen in Corona-Zeiten, der besonderen Bedeutung von berufsbildenden Maßnahmen, und der Anerkennung und Förderung von Berufsschulen.

Video https://t.co/CR0CIeNNw1

#Berufsbildung #Covid19 #VET

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This project is mainly financed by funds from the European Union


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