On September 19-20, CESI’s Europe Academy will hold a symposium on ”Precarious work: Empowering trade unions to address new challenges” in Palermo, Italy. The conference, which is co-funded by the European Commission as part of a larger project on the topic, is only open to CESI members and affiliates.

The objective of the meeting is to take stock of the precarious working conditions encountered at the national level by CESI member organisations, highlight the interlinks between precarious work and the absence of social rights – with severe impacts on the concerned workers and societies as a whole, and to discuss and propose effective remedies to provide fair employment conditions and access to social rights for all. The focus will be on the applicability of EU and the national legislative frameworks, best enforcement practices, challenges for efficient interest representation and inclusive access to social protection.

September 19: The extent of precarious work
• Findings of CESI’s #noprecariouswork survey
• Main rights deriving from EU legislation against precarious work
• EU case-law on precarious work
• Enforcement of applicable national case law
• Links between employment, social protection and welfare systems

September 20: Approaches and solutions to end precarious work
• Effective interest representation, closing legislative loopholes, the principle of equal treatment and access to social rights and protection
• Tools to fight precarious work and to ensure better enforcement of protective labor law
• Social protection as the overall societal safety net and the cornerstone of the welfare state
• Ways to better enforce social rights at the national level
• The role of information campaigns on precarious work at national level
• Better access to social rights through litigation and campaigns

The event will be moderated by Pierre Baussand, Head of the Eurofound Office Brussels. More information about the project which this conference is part of is available here.

This project is mainly financed by funds from the European Union


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