Pierre Baussand, the Head of the Eurofound Brussels office and a long standing expert of labour conditions, moderated the kick-off meeting of the #noprecariouswork project. His intervention aimed at: defining what is precarious work; assess which are the root causes of precariousness and understand what are the EU or national solutions to address these causes.


The main take-aways of the meeting, in his opinion, are the following:

  1. Precarious work is not a choice;
  2. The root causes of precariousness at work can be:
    1. The duration: duration of the work contract or the length of the working time; (repetitive use of fixed-term contracts or there might not be enough work/ working time to ensure an adequate level of remuneration);
    2. Violations to the principle of equal treatment in relation to education, training, skilling, work intensity, security in the work place, health and well-being;
    3. Level of remuneration: is the payment enough to ensure well-being?
    4. Lack of access to social protection – unemployment benefit, health and medical coverage and pension;
    5. Level of isolation and the ability to access interest;
  3. There might be weaknesses in the EU legislation which need to be addressed so that safety at work is ensured and working conditions are improving.

This project is mainly financed by funds from the European Union


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